Are you making this mistake?

Here’s a BIG question for you this week, lovely Dance Informa readers!

When it comes to your studio, are you marketing what you DO or are you marketing what you GIVE? You see, one of the biggest challenges is how to promote your studio in a highly saturated, competitive market when EVERYONE is trying to promote the same thing!

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Longtime Ballet Teacher Publishes Lesson Workbook

Connie Bellingshausen has taught dance since 1972, giving her over 40 years of experience in creating and executing lesson plans. While she has also taught jazz, tap and even period dancing (including Irish and Scottish dances), her main focus has been ballet.

Look no further than your own smart phone! Fitness apps such as Sweat with Kayla and Nike+ Training Club have made goal-setting, working out and exercise tracking more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

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9 Reasons to Thank Our Dance Teachers This Thanksgiving

Being thankful is a great mindset to adopt all year round. But Thanksgiving, in particular, is a great reason to vocalize what we’re thankful for.

This Turkey Day, we’re saluting those who keep us pointing our toes, on our legs and grooving in the dance studio. Let’s give thanks to the tireless, passionate dance teachers out there. Here are nine reasons why to say gratzi to dance educators although, you can probably think of many more.

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