Told to diet? Don’t listen to your dance teacher.

Conflicting ideas are rampant in the lives of pre-teens and teens they often hear completely different messages from the authority figures in their life than, say, what advertisements and media are teaching them. These clashing concepts can make it very hard for youth to discern the truth.

One of the hardest topics to reconcile is what’s healthy and what’s not. As this idea of “health” is so interconnected to their perception of “beauty”, truths often get twisted and lines frequently get blurred.

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6 dancer-friendly workout apps

If getting fit was one of your New Year’s resolutions, it’s not too late to up the ante! Joining a gym can seem intimidating or expensive. But in this day and age, you have some of the greatest fitness routines and trends at your fingertips.

Look no further than your own smart phone! Fitness apps such as Sweat with Kayla and Nike+ Training Club have made goal-setting, working out and exercise tracking more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

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Sleep, performance and weight management

It took me far longer then it should have to realize how much of an effect lack of sleep was having on my performance in dance, and later in the classroom, says Sara Beery, former professional dancer with Atlanta Ballet and Armitage Gone! Dance.

During my dance career, especially when we were in the theater, I would struggle to get to sleep after the adrenaline of performing. The stress about how little sleep I was getting would sometimes keep me up even later!

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